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Juni 2016 (Source: Larcier)
The road towards a platform economy

April 2016 (Source: De Tijd)
Het Uber-moment van de banken

April 2016 (Source: Knack)
Vlaanderen moet zich alleen focussen op wat het echt goed kan

December 2015 (Source: Youtube)
Future of Payments Panel with Worldpay, Blockchain, iZettle and Smartfin Capital

December 2015 (Source: De Tijd)
Belfius stapt in Eggsplore

October 2015 (Source: De Standaard)
ING versterkt Brussel als financieel techcenter

October 2015 (Source: Febelfin)
De digitale wereld wordt belangrijker dan de fysieke

October 2015 (Source: De Standaard)
Banken moeten gefacebookt worden

October 2015 (Source: De Standaard)
Betaalpioniers bouwen Fintech Valley

July 2015 (Source: ING)
ING FinTech Village: de eerste FinTech-specifieke accelerator in België

June 2015 (Source: Le Soir)
Les sociétés FinTech vont-elles tuer les banques ?

May 2015 (Source: Option)
Jurgen Ingels joins Board of Directors of Option

May 2015 (Source: De Tijd)
De nieuwe economie is een ecosysteem

May 2015 (Source: Datanews)
IT heeft vooral met creativiteit te maken

April 2015 (Source: Trends)
SmartFin wil Fintech Valley uitbouwen in Belgie

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Portfolio News

  • How to Successfully Run Your Next Data Strategy Project: A Step-by-Step Guide

    In today’s competitive marketplace, companies everywhere have seen the light of big data analytics. In almost every industry, businesses are streamlining operations, reaching out to more customers and reducing expenses in new and exciting ways, made possible by data analytics. All of these key elements become part of a comprehensive data strategy; a strategy that... Read more » […]

  • Data Mining vs. Machine Learning: What’s the Difference?

    We’ve watched as artificial intelligence moved from the realm of science fiction into applications that not only help businesses get better results but are now helping ordinary people manage mundane tasks in their daily lives. Businesses continuously strive to find the latest AI breakthrough, relying on two primary technologies: data mining and machine learning. Machine... Read more » […]

  • GDPR And The Trusted Framework For Data Privacy

    NGDATA’s CEO, Luc Burgelman, talks about “GDPR And The Trusted Framework For Data Privacy” in Forbes.  Designed to bolster and bring together regulations involving data within the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) aims to provide consumers with greater control, privacy and transparency over their personal data. With an enforcement deadline of May 25, 2018, and steep... Read more » […]

  • Data-Driven Marketing: It’s All About the Individual

    Traditional marketing endeavors involve segmentation – you create marketing programs by segmenting customers collectively, mainly through static information, such as age range, zip code, etc. But, do all the people in the same age range and zip code have the same wants and needs? Do they have the same income, product affinities and communication preferences?... Read more » […]

  • Financial Institutions: Putting the Customer at the Heart of Your Business

    Traditional financial institutions have typically operated in a product-centric way, presenting new products that are created by a product committee, with the company’s bottom line at the heart of them. Rarely are the true needs of each customer taken into consideration, and communication is primarily a one-way channel, from the financial institution to the customer.... Read more » […]

  • Credit Unions and Digital Transformation

    Credit unions run their business as “not-for-profit” – by the people, for the people –  with serving their members as their core value. To accomplish this, credit unions originally served their members in their physical branches. The more advanced credit unions have added different digital offerings to supplement the physical one. In recent years, however,... Read more » […]

  • How to Create a Customer Journey Map

    Most companies understand the products they offer as well as a general idea of their customers needs. However, many customers are unhappy with the interactions and resources available from their current or prospective solutions. With an increasing number of resources available online, consumers are educating themselves and, in many cases, taking much longer to make... Read more » […]

  • Digital Transformation and the Customer Experience

    Today’s consumers demand a unified, omni-channel experience with the brands they trust, but it’s impossible for companies to create a truly omni-channel experience when their data exists in silos. To create that seamless, unified customer experience, you need unified data. That’s where the customer data platform (CDP) comes in, aggregating and integrating data from a... Read more » […]

  • Building the Ultimate MarTech Stack: 100 Tips

    MarTech stacks. You’ve heard about them, and you likely use components of them, but you still may not be able to nail down a succinct definition of one. Think of a MarTech stack as a collection of technologies from various companies that help you attract and maintain customers. Vis-a-vis a child building with blocks, marketers need... Read more » […]

  • Informatica World 2018 Recap

    Hopefully, everyone in the US was able to take some time to enjoy Memorial Day as we remembered the men and women serving or served in the US armed forces.  But as the summer begins here in the states, I wanted to put together a quick blog post to recap Informatica World 2018 for those who... Read more » […]

October 2015 (Source: De Standaard)
Arbeidscontract nu ook elektronisch