NGData is a Belgian company offering a Big Data management platform allowing financial services organizations to capitalize on the massive amounts of data they generate. NGDATA developed a Big Data management system that offers an easy way to extract powerful business insights, to enrich data in real time, thereby making an immediate impact on and improving business performance.

Latest News

  • NGDATA at Informatica World 2018

    NGDATA attended Informatica World 2018 this week in Las Vegas. Our co-founder and CTO, Steven Noels, presented “Transforming to the Customer Engagement Model of the Future,” which examined key issues and trends impacting customer centricity. Steven spoke about leveraging real-time customer data at Belfius Bank through augmented analytics and machine learning models. Belfius saw a 40% increase... Read more » […]

  • Information Builders Announces Partner Awards of Distinction at Summit 2018

    NGDATA is honored to be recognized by Information Builders for excellence in helping customers maximize the business value of BI, analytics and data management. Information Builders’ Partner Program supports the end-to-end data and analytics needs of our valued customers by bringing together best-in-breed technology providers. In collaboration, Information Builders’ partners deliver tailored solutions that address... Read more » […]

  • CDP vs. CRM: What’s the Difference?

    Customer data platform (CDP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software share some similarities. However, their primary purpose and function have many differences. Let’s start by understanding each one of them separately: Customer Data Platform (CDP): A CDP is a system specifically designed to create a customer database that includes complete historical and behavioral data about the... Read more » […]

  • An NGDATA Infographic: The NGDATA CDP Throughout Customer Journey

    Designed with marketers in mind, a CDP is unique in that it focuses on creating a central location for all customer data, including everything from buyer personas to web and mobile browsing history, email, chat, and phone interactions with the brand, social media behavior, and more. A CDP brings together the complete history of interactions and behaviors... Read more » […]

  • NGDATA’s Informatica Presentation Will Examine the Use of Real-Time Customer Data at Belfius Bank

    Today, we announced that co-founder and CTO Steven Noels will present “Transforming to the Customer Engagement Model of the Future” at Informatica World 2018. The session, which will examine key issues and trends impacting customer-centricity, will look closely at how Belfius Bank, one of Belgium’s largest retail banks, leveraged real-time customer data to emerge as a... Read more » […]